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The ACT-ABLE Project - drama education lab for young people with disabilities is a strategic partnership supporting innovations of the school sector. This partnership is composed of Fondazione Spazio Reale, being the applicant, Soccorso Clown (Italy), Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo (Italy), University of Usak (Turkey) and Residui Teatro (Spain).

The project wants to favour the educative inclusion of students with intellective disabilities through inclusive methods such as theatre, with innovative methodologies such as physical comedy and visual theatre, storytelling, dance-theater and vocalism as instruments of personal potential and enhancing their learning abilities.

This Project starts from multi-year experience of the concerned partners based on the idea that guarantees the actual function of the right to study, and train. It is one of the main factors that mainly touches the world of the disabled. This is an important condition to the aim of their complete integration and inclusion in a social and working life. It is intended for children and youths with intellectual disability, the age range aimed at this educational project cannot be decided with chronological strictness, both for the type of disability and also for the variables that coincide on the advantageous participation of the proposed course. Generally, the project is aimed at students within the range of first and second grades of the secondary school.


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